About WP League

What is WP League?

This site does not claim to be just another resource for WP themes and plugins, but a better resource. Yes, we know that there are many websites about WP theme reviews and other WordPress-related products, but nearly all of them just scratch the surface with their so-called “reviews”. We’ve seen automated sites, which only scrape large marketplaces like ThemeForest for the content or put together lists of “Top 10 Gardening WordPress themes”, not even checking out what they really offer. Is this really helpful when you’re on the hunt for the theme that will represent your business?

We decided to offer our readers more. Our motto is to write honest and in-depth reviews of the WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and other WP-related products and services. When it comes to lists of plugins or niche themes, we don’t want to just throw together a bunch of links, but share a sentence or two about our personal experiences using them. Find one example here. There are many more to come, so bookmark this site and come back. [We will add a newsletter option later on if you’ll ask us to – see the contact page and tell us what you miss on our website.]

WordPress is awesome! But finding right themes and plugins is hard.
WP League is here to help you!

Who’s in the League?

Jaka Smid
Web designer and UX expert. Jaka will make sure that only top notch looking products will be featured on our site. Our crap filter, no compromises.

Marko Prelec
Frontend developer, sometimes designer. Marko put together this beautiful theme we’re using at WP League. You can argue with him about CSS and class names naming conventions (but you will lose).

Primoz Cigler
Jack of all trades, master of none. You’ve probably seen Primoz on a web dev conference before. Maybe even on stage, giving talk about cats, burritos and functional programming in ES6.

Gregor Capuder
Backend developer. Gregor loves shooting with guns, especially on a day when he sees badly indented PHP code, not following WP coding standard. Nice guy overall, it’s pleasant to hang around with him.

Jaka Jejcic
Smid’s first-class clone when it comes to design. He can pinpoint misplaced pixel from 2 kilometers on a Tamagotchi screen. I am not joking.

Do you want to contribute to WP League or you have a question?

Please refer to our Contact page.