Starting a fashion blog

Would you agree that a day spent without blogging feels lost? Do you lose track of time when blogging? Are you so passionate about a topic that you cannot wait to write and share it with others?

These are a few signs that you are a passionate blogger. Maybe you should consider blogging as a hobby or even a career.

If you’re thinking of starting a fashion blog, keep reading. The beauty of blogs is that anyone can create one and it is the quickest way to build a brand.
Many fashion bloggers have become industry influencers. But bear in mind – this will not happen overnight – blogging takes hard work and you will probably have to find the right niche.

So let’s take a look, step by step, at how to start a successful fashion blog:

1) Concept/Idea #

Fashion blogging can be very competitive. How can you be different and stand out? Is fashion really your passion? Can you find your niche?

2) Get a custom domain name #

There a lot of free blogging platforms out there, but that means you’ll be choosing a blog name like “”. Beside this, do you really want another platform to own your blog? When choosing domain name try to be creative but keep some connection with fashion.

3) Choose a blog fashion template #

If you are not a top web designer, we suggest choosing a fashion blog template. Templates are pre-designed webpages, or a set of HTML webpages that anyone can use to easily insert their own textual content and images to create a website. We suggest choosing a blog fashion template from the market.

4) Editorial & publishing #

Blogging is hard work. Write long blog posts that give a lot of value.

5) Promote, promote, promote #

The story does not end with publishing a post. In order to be successful you have to attract and retain visitors.

After a while, probably after a few months of successful blogging, you will start wondering: wait a minute, can I make some money with fashion blogging?
Sure you can. But first you need to BUILD UP YOUR AUDIENCE.

Typically, there are few different strategies for making money:

Affiliate links are used on blogs to directly link to products that the blogger is wearing in photos or buying in posts. In return, bloggers will then get paid based on the number of clicks or a percentage of the total sales made from their posts.

Easy money, but bear in mind that banner ads are a distraction. They are not pretty and can detract from the image of your blog. Be careful not to draw people away from yourwork.

Selling services #

Are you great at taking photos? You probably want to offer your services on your blog from day one. The profit you make will almost certainly outstrip anything else, at least in the beginning.

Promote products #

You can write detailed reviews about products and publish them on your blog. Obviously it is better to review products that are related to your style, as you are catering to your target audience. It is important that you are able to use tools that expose (and monetize) your products.

The idea is to be able to show users fashionable picks and products without implementing complicated backend systems – simply by adding web links and product photos.

The “Shop My Closet” function: expose your fashionable picks and products on your homepage, in a blog post, as a sidebar widget. Super easy to use!
Adriana Fashion WordPress blog template has integrated the “Shop my Closet” function.

6) Last but not least – be patient #

The important thing is to just get started and keep learning. If fashion is really your passion, if you write from the heart and follow some basic rules, you will eventually see some results. Not overnight, but success can await you.

And yes, you need to write a lot. Happy blogging!

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